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Francis maria Libermann stuedents showing their talents. These are primary singing a song for goodbye to their fellows from IV, standard VII this year 2015.

The Catholic Diocese of Zanzibar put much effort in education as we believe it is the only way to liberate human being.

Education is one of our mission. We amy ask ourselves with the 99% of Muslims, the Catholic Church has made an effort which will always create a fratenity to all through EDUCATION

Activities carried out by the education office

  • Organize seminars and workshops for:
  • Secondary school students
  • University students
  • Parents mostly those with children in kindergartens
  • School visits
  • Train kindergarten teachers


  • Lack of funds to renovate and equip the learning structures and to build new ones
  • Instability of teachers
  • Poor fees payment
  • Negative attitudes of some people who think the schools teach Christian religion to children of other religions
  • Seldom response to seminars and workshops in some cases whereby some participants expect some money in return for their participation or some refund for their transport


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