The Cathlic diocese of Zanzibar is comprised of two Isalands of Unguja and Pemba, together with several small islets. It is an intergral part of the United Republic of Tanzania and it has a population of about a Million people of varying ethinic backgrounds.

99% of th population anare Muslim and the remaining monority are a tolerated group that should convert to Islam. Zanzibar attained its independence in 1964 and adopted the system of Socialism where all means of local services were nationalized but soon declined/deteriorated. In 1985 Zanzibar liberalized its econmy and introduced a Multiparty system that unveiled the ethiic division of the people, and gave way to the so called fronders to the Islands. The antagonism is under cover of religion, and the freedom of foreign investors. The two are used to buy the ignorance of the Bantu Zanzibaris.

What is then our vision in this 99% predominantly Muslim Island?

We are aware that, to live the values of the gospel, Evanglization can take place either explicit or implicit through the witness of a life seriously transformed by the gospel. And that Evanglization does not mean to obtain immedeate results of conversion and a change of heart. Evangelization means above all to proclaim the GoodNews with actions and words, and to realize that the acceptance is the gift of the Holy Spirit.

Our diocesan vision thereore is to elevate the low level state of life to a higher level that will give hope and relieve poverty, provide the needed opportunities for the human person to realize his/her potential in the fullness of life. This is nothing else but "OPEN OPPORTUNITIES OF EDUCATION AND GOOD HEALTH"' Thus the priority of the Catholic Diocese of Zanzibar is DIALOGUE with poeple and the people of other religions.This is then determined to be throung "Education and Health in totality". It is to be present among Christians and non Chrstian, by participating in solving the ingernt problem of lack of adequate means of Education and good Health.

The vision being realized through programs of Education both fromal and infromal, Health Education and Health care, Programs on the problems of HIV/AIDS Pandemic.Children, women empowerment and Youth.

If then our Islands are to have a future in this modern and competitive society, we must care enough to put light into the eyes of a child, warmth into the hearts of youth, care and sprit of empowerment and truth to women, and concern to the minds of the adults. It is only people who are rooted on the values of the gospel who can take these to those who do not see, do not feel, and do not care any longer!

It is our confidence therefore that, throough the power of Education and respect of the rights of every individual, tha we will have a peaceful Co-existence as a nation blessed with multiplicity of religions, and cultures

The arrow shows the starting point of Evangelization as the first Missionaries landed on the soil of Zanzibar and spread to the mainland Tanganyika Bagamoyo, the East, Central and the whole of African continent.





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